Raw Materials

Our raw materials are sourced from internationally recognised brands to help our customers meet their specific product specifications.



Our tooling is sourced from local and international suppliers to produce products to match our customers specifications.


Experience and Capabilities

Our executive team has a total of over 50 years’ experience in the glazing and extrusion industries.


Machine and Equipment

We use the latest machinery and plastic manufacturing equipment from the leading suppliers in Europe.


Injection Moulding

All our equipment is PLC controlled to achieve a consistent level of machinery performance and quality product development.


Leading the way

Our modern and innovative, award winning energy efficient building was designed by leading New Zealand architects, Jasmax.


Your Plastic Solutions Company

PPL Plastic Solutions specialises in plastic profile extrusion but can also supply injection moulded parts.

Run by a small but highly effective team, PPL features the latest production technology and is the largest supplier of dry glazing products to the New Zealand market. But can also offer custom designed solutions for any application and industry sector.

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Sustainability / Recycling

PPL reuses 97% of all plastic waste by regrinding and reusing it in non-critical items. It is working towards an ambitious ‘zero waste’ threshold.

The company’s quest for a small environmental ‘footprint’ has also seen it install state-of-the-art, highly energy-efficient extrusion machines from Europe. In addition, the PPL building has advanced energy conservation features including a double skin façade and underground earth tube technology to even out interior air temperature extremes.


Why choose PPL?

PPL is committed to designing and providing ‘plastic solutions’ for our customers.

We are a new, dynamic operation unconstrained by years of tradition and convention.

Our aim is to make life easier for our customers by providing top products and service.

This business mission is backed up by the latest technology and highly trained staff, including a design-and-prototype process guaranteed to meet customer expectations.

Innovative Plastic Solutions

Got an idea you want to develop into a solution, that will also meet your unique requirements? Reach out to the experienced team at PPL Plastic Solutions today.