PPL is the largest supplier of dry glazing products to the New Zealand market.

Although we are the newest player in the glazing industry segment, our business is built on decades of experience in the residential and commercial window sector.


Our team and customer history in the glazing products market means that we are able to draw on deep knowledge and experience and can leverage that to the benefit of new customers.


We offer a wide range of standard seals and gaskets for the residential window industry as well as custom-designed solutions to suit your requirements.

Our backing seals and wedges are made from a range of materials including TPV and PVC for better recyclability and greater product stability.


The comprehensive range of commercial glazing products offered by PPL meet or exceed the requirements of the New Zealand and Australian building codes.

We can supply products specifically designed to combat weathertightness, acoustic, fire-rated and thermal requirements.

A deep background in the commercial window sector provides a valuable springboard for new customer requirements.

Custom Products

We can design and manufacture you a custom-made solution to suit your requirements. Just give us a call.

We use a range of materials for extruded products as well as engineering plastics for injection moulded work. PPL use specialist CAD and simulation software prior to a careful prototyping process. All dies are designed in-house after and manufactured locally or overseas by our tooling partners.


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